Tom Diederich (and lambs)

Tom gives his little Harlequin lambs a treat.

I’m Tom Diederich. I started this WordPress blog primarily to chronicle our (my wife and me) adventures raising sheep. Until May 15, the only animals we’ve ever had are a cat and dog. Why sheep? Why not? We do like horses but they are much more work. Maybe someday we’ll get one or two, but for now we’re sticking to our sheep.

We have two sets of sheep, all lambs. Our Harlequin sheep are 3 months old (as of May 27, 2012). Our Babydoll lambs are 2 months old.


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  1. Jeremy

    We have Mini Harlequins Too! Two Ewes. They are 2 years old. Daisy and Dotty. Please call me if you can so we can talk. We didn’t know anyone else in Ohio had these precious little sheep. We got them when they were 4 weeks old in 2011. 614-352-3437 We live in Galena. Just a few miles north of Westerville.

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